We are proud of our children

Last week, children, who regularly attend ETP Slovakia’s community centers made us all very happy. Rachel, a sixth grader, and Nelka, a third grader, both from Rankovce won the district competition “Šaliansky Maťko” in reciting legends. Their neighbour, Marian, a fourth grader, got to the district round of the mathematic competition named after the first “true” mathematician, Pythagoras. All three children have local and online mentors who have been regularly helping them.

At the Feuerstein afterschool club in Stará Ľubovňa, little Mária drew her teacher’s attention, because she saw a peculiarity in a mathematical puzzle that even older children have a problem noticing. The progress of children who regularly attend the Feuerstein afterschool clubs is undeniable. We hope one day all children in Slovakia who have the misfortune to have been born into poverty will get the same opportunities as our children.