The Košice City Audit Report

The Košice City Audit Report is one of the outcomes of the international INTEGRA project. The project seeks to improve long-term integration of third country nationals in five EU Member States (Bul­garia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovakia) through sharing city-to-city knowledge and experience. The report was prepared by non-profit organization ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development with its stakeholder group, including the City of Košice, the Labour Office, Local and Foreign Police and non-profits providing services to migrants and foreigners living in Košice.

The Audit has identified the main successes, as well as current and future challenges, of TCN integration in Košice.

Košice City Integration Agenda will follow up The Košice City Audit Report. We would like to develop it in partnerships with all important partners for integration in Košice by the end of 2018.

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