Why do young people from settlements give up their dreams?

Adam Ganik is an American who was born in Prague and he lived there for some time. His father came from Slovakia, so Adam speaks a variety of Czech and Slovak languages. Presently, he is studying at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.  Adam first visited the settlement Budulovská in September 2009 as one of the students of the International School in Prague who helped in the construction of 12 social housing apartments.This summer Adam  returned to Moldava nad Bodvou after five years to see the friends he had made in the settlement, spending two weeks with them

He participated in the daily lives of the settlers with a camera in his hands. What has become of the dreams of the young people he met back in 2009?  Some have given up on those dreams. Why? Why did he decide to come back after all these years and what are his plans for the films and conversations with the young settlers? Listen to our interview with Adam to find out more.