We published Andal o dživipen 2

Do you believe that one can go back and start from the beginning?

Our thirty years old client from Moldava nad Bodvou, who currently studies at high school and dreams of getting a university degree and establishing a school for socially disadvantaged children, is a bright example. As a teenager he used to go hungry, do drugs and steal. Everything around him seemed desperate and hopeless. There was no one to show him the way out of the mess. He lived in the environment of generational poverty with its miserable iron rules. However, he came to a turning point.

His life story, as well as stories of other clients from the settlements, is portrayed in our book Andal o dživipen (From Our Lives).

Throughout our profound experience working in segregated communities we have developed innovative solutions to the problem of social exclusion. Hence, our book also contains a series of recommendations for decision-makers based on verified interventions.

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