We have fundraised 403, 64 EUR

Thanks to all of you who stopped at the Christmas stall of ETP Slovakia on the Main Street on 12th December.

As part of Košické Vianoce (Christmas in Košice), the creative results of the craftwork done by the children attending our community centres were presented. Please, share with your friends and communities the admiration for the creativity of our young clients.

Košické Vianoce_12.12. 031

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all those who were so kind to select, for a voluntary contribution, the handmade products crafted by our children.

We are sincerely grateful to our friends from U.S. Steel for being so kind and providing their stall to ETP Slovakia for one day.

All the craftwork displayed in the stall carrying the sign ´We Help Those Who Need It´ was sold out.

Košické Vianoce_12.12. 026

At the end of the day, the contribution box contained four hundred and three Euros and sixty four cent. The entire sum will be dedicated to the community centres of ETP Slovakia.