Today, on 12th December, We Are a Part of Christmas in Košice

„This is cute,“ say the visitors of Košické Vianoce (Christmas in Košice) that stop by our stall full of Christmas gifts. The stall carries a sign WE HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT. For one day, it is devoted to ETP by U.S. Steel.

In the row of stalls, it is the one nearest to the Immaculata situated on the promenade side.

The gifts created by children were beautifully arranged by our colleagues from community centres, who address the passers by: „Please, choose a gift for a voluntary contribution… Help the children… They have created all of this with joy…“

The first articles sold were the little angels made from glass beads. Shortly after them, the larger white angels made from small ceramic flowerpots also found their owners. Soon, small wooden Christmas trees with carved heart symbols, small heart-shaped pads and textile dolls were sold as well…

Gradually, the green box that carries a sign FUNDRAISING DAY FOR ETP SLOVAKIA – CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is getting filled with people´s donations. We do not know yet, how much money the box contains, as it only has one opening for casting the donations in. Some people cast fifty cents, a euro, two euros, but also five and ten euro banknotes.

In the name of our children, we are very grateful for all these contributions. We are happy that the donors enjoy our Christmas souvenirs.
As the time goes on, the Main Street of Košice is getting more and more crowded. When the huge snowflake decorations hanging above the Street illuminate and the sound of carols is coming from all sides, the city centre is becoming energized with the spirit of Christmas.