Through the Eyes of Young Photographers

The international contest Chachipe is currently running and it is aimed at the potential young photographers, who depict the life in Roma community and its daily reality via their photographs. More about the contest:

In ETP Slovakia, we believe that it is important to learn to look at the life of Roma through their eyes and help them perceive their culture and reality supporting their identity and self-esteem in this way. Therefore, ETP Slovakia has been working with young talented photographers from socially excluded environment for over two years.


The photographs of these unique young people have been displayed in The House of European Union in Bratislava, at The Faculty of Natural Science UK in Bratislava and in The Medical Garden Park in the capital. Within the European Capital of Culture 2013 project, the public may have seen the display in Kosice in the Barracks/Culture Park and in the Cultural Point on Brigadnicka Street in Kosice.

Our young photographers joined the Chachipe Contest and their pieces can be seen at:!photo=0_1gy3bfcs!photo=0_vjsi11n4!photo=0_drrn1avg!photo=0_c9l765gl!photo=0_1leg92ix!photo=0_3poq90ad!photo=0_4rwwa16h!photo=0_de30f0dj!photo=0_mnfmmwj3!photo=0_j1gztldr!photo=0_bghd72pe!photo=0_4oxe8ben!photo=0_37cw06yq!photo=0_23hgs897!photo=0_3ezdjdcu