The village of Spišský Štvrtok

Its attractive geographical location close to the Slovak Paradise and not far from the High Tatras makes Spišský štvrtok, once an important crossroad of ancient trade routes, and a very interesting place for tourists. Therefore representatives of the local government aim to develop activities supporting tourism and making the cultural monuments in the municipality and in its vicinity accessible (especially the multi-storied gothic church and a baroque monastery – the home of monks from the Minorite order). Also other activities including reconstruction and repairs of roads, sidewalks, landscaping of the park and construction of flats for socially disadvantaged inhabitants of the municipality are planned.

Work opportunities for local inhabitants are provided mainly by a local cooperative farm and the House of Social Services. There are about 50 registered small business license holders in the village, who run small shops, pubs, accommodation services, provide services, some license holders also have secondary jobs, others are engaged in construction activities.

The infrastructure in the village is quite good – water supply system has been installed, as well as gas distribution and sewage system and they have gradually expanded to other parts of the municipality, too. The following institutions work in the municipality: a municipal office, registrar office, post office, schools and a medical centre. Various associations and unions develop their activities here, such as Football Sports Club, Voluntary Fire fighting group, local branch of the Matica Slovenská, Union of Gardeners and small scale animal breeders, an amateur junior group Young Knights (Rytierikovia), folk ensemble at the Matica Slovenská and CA Domino. In the Roma locality the following organizations have been established: an informal Women’s Catholic Club, an Amateur Junior Dancing and Singing Club, an informal Group of Roma small businessmen is being established and the Roma civic association The Power of Help (Sila pomoci) has been established as well. Using grant resources from the TVOJ SPIš Fund (FTS) this civic association has implemented the project of constructing the bridge connecting the Roma part of the village with its main part. It also prepares educational and counselling events for young Roma women.

In the village of Spišský štvrtok the YOUR SPIš Fund has supported the blacksmith course for people from the Roma community – 6 of them have already found employment in a local construction company. A newly established Union of bee-keeper aims at marketing bee products (honey, beeswax and beebread) and has already created one job. The project of sow breeding in the village is going on well under the auspices of the Fund – two participants of the first micro-grant round have originated from the group of breeders.

The municipality has actively cooperated with the YOUR SPIš Fund since the very beginning. Members of the Roma minority are willing to participate in the development of the municipality. The mayor has created good pre-requisites and conditions for such cooperation. In cooperation with the Fund and local community organizations, in December 2003 the municipality established the Community Social Club, which serves all inhabitants of Spišský štvrtok regardless of age or ethnic background.

At present a project called „Services for citizens“ is being implemented in cooperation with FTS, as well as a project called „Education of youth to work in the area of agriculture“.

The project „Services for citizens“ uses the premises of the Community Club in Spišský štvrtok for various educational activities, e.g. computer courses and courses for starting entrepreneurs, the project “Education of youth to work in the area of agriculture“ continues in successful activities of young bee-keepers.