The village of Spišské Tomášovce

is situated in the centre of the Slovak Paradise, and their fates have always been closely connected – at present it is a crossroad of tourist routes. Remains of the manor house Tyba – the residence of the Andrássi and Barč families are located in the village. A writer, theologist and historian Juraj Sklenár also worked in this house. More than one third of the inhabitants of Spišské Tomášovce are Romas – in the past they were known as trough makers and blacksmiths and were also engaged in making and firing bricks. At present, the majority of inhabitants of the municipality work in industrial enterprises and construction companies in the district town.

The municipality became part of the YOUR SPIš Fund in May 2003. The Roma Civic Association Stanley Club successfully develops its activities here. The association joins mainly Roma people, but it also actively cooperates with local organizations such as the Roma kindergarten, elementary school, municipal office and local farmers and breeders. Activities of the civic association focus on the cooperation between Roma people and majority population, improving their mutual relationships and removing prejudices. Through its civic association the municipality implements the following projects supported by the YOUR SPIš Fund: „Common handicrafts“ and „Mother, father, let’s play!“ Sewing course, Dancing-music-singing group“. With the financial support from the Fund the municipality opened the Community Social Club on 16th of December 2003.