The village of Prakovce

used to be a centre of the Hnilec valley in the past. It was due to the fact that Heavy Engineering Plants providing jobs for almost 3,000 people from the region were located here. The conversion of the armament industry after 1989 meant that the factory was taken into liquidation followed by the laying off of workers. This development significantly contributed to the worsening of economic and social conditions of the village inhabitants. The rate of unemployment reached 40%. Worsening living standard meant that the interest of people in the social life of the municipality decreased.

Despite this, at present several community organizations and groups work in the municipality, the activities of which help the cultural, sports and social development of Prakovce. The Roma community is very numerous here. The municipality has welcomed opportunities offered by the YOUR SPIš Fund (FTS) to look for ways how relieve difficult situation of people and improve living conditions of Roma people.

Prakovce became a part of the YOUR SPIš Fund in May 2003. Grant support was awarded to projects that not only focused on improving the living conditions of Roma people in the parts Kolónia 5 and 197, but also project of lighting the tennis court (as the entrepreneurial activities of the CA Sports Club Prakovce) and the reconstruction of the building on the grounds of a football stadium. A project for the establishment of a Community Social Club was approved, and at the end of 2003 it became the driving force behind activities of the village inhabitants for their own benefit, as well as for the benefit of the municipality as a whole.