The village of Nálepkovo

is an old mining municipality located in the Hnilec valley and a border municipality of the Gelnica district inhabited by descendants of the Spiš Germans. After the closure of ZS Prakovce that used to be the major employer in the valley, the number of unemployed increased dramatically. Their number is not stable due to seasonal jobs during spring and summer months.

Nálepkovo is one of the most prosperous municipalities of the region, which thoroughly invests all available resources to its own development. As a result the municipality has undergone significant changes over the past 10 years. The most significant changes are connected with the transformation of municipal enterprises to business companies, a programme of flats construction, construction of a house for retired pensioners, reconstruction of the municipal park, town house and completing the construction of a ski lift and sports grounds.

Several NGOs work in the village: The Union of Women, the Slovak Red Cross, Sports Association Nálepkovo, the Union of Slovak Anglers, the Slovak Hunting Union, Fire-fighters Union and the Civic Association „Education – Our Hope for the Future“. Arrival of the YOUR SPIš Fund (FTS) in the municipality has promoted the establishment of other informal groups Roma initiatives from the localities Grün, Hámor, Trosky and Stredný riadok. The activities of several organizations and unions in the municipality are represented by the project Weaving Workshop, prepared by the Union of Women, the aim of which is to learn the technique of weaving and stimulate interest of unemployed women business activities. In the Grün settlement, the civic association „Education – Our Hope for the Future“ implements projects supporting community life and education of Roma people living in the Grün settlement and in the area of Hámor. The establishment of a tailoring and carpentry workshop, the role of which is to create conditions for the self realisation of the Roma people, is also a part of community activities.

The Kindergarten project – Club of preschool preparation is implemented thanks to a generous support from the Swiss Embassy, which prepares Roma children for successful enrolment and transition into the school environment.

Within the framework of cooperation between informal groups of Stredný riadok and Trosky inhabitants a music group has been established, and currently it is their repertory and own performances. Several community activities are carried out within the framework of the Community Social Club operating since April 2003.