The village of Iliašovce

The village of Iliašovce, situated along the Iliašovce creek, lies halfway between the district towns of Spišská Nová Ves and Levoča. The population works in a local cooperative farm and industrial enterprises in the district town, and some of them run small businesses. The high rate of unemployment in Iliašovce affects mostly the Roma minority. Several Roma people work in construction companies owned by Roma entrepreneurs.

The municipality has its infrastructure, services, shops, a school, post office, municipal office and a parish office. There are also several architectural monuments: a baroque catholic church and a 1000-year chapel with a summer mansion called „Sans Souci“, meaning „without worries“. The village inhabitants associated in the Civic Association „Home without Worries“ have been working hard to save it. Local volunteers plan to build an oasis of relaxation for village inhabitants on the grounds of the chapel, by means of self-help, but also with the help of the municipal office and other sponsors.

Various unions and associations work in the municipality, such as the fire-fighters’ group, football sports club, the Union of women of Slovakia, a local branch of the Slovak Red Cross, the folk ensemble Iľašovian, the Civic Association (CA) Home without Worries, a local branch of the Slovak Union of Anti-fascist Warriors and others. Activities of the YOUR SPIš Fund (abbreviation FTS) have stimulated the establishment of new unions. The union of youth associated in the Fitclub focusing on sports activities for youth, has renovated premises for the fitness club. The CA Roma and the Union of Roma Way engaged in the improvement to the surroundings of Roma houses and landscaping have been established in the Roma community

By means of the YOUR SPIš Fund (FTS) the village attempts to mitigate tensions between Roma and non-Roma inhabitants. Gradually the first mutual reconciliatory steps start to appear, mainly by the implementation of joint civic activities. Since November 2003 the premises of a new community club have been available to the general public.

At present a project called “We bake cakes for us and for our children“ is being implemented through the FTS. This project is of a great success in Iliašovce. Five women from the local community regularly bake durable pastry and cakes wanted also by inhabitants of neighbouring municipalities.