The City Integration Agenda is in the process of development

On December 11, 2018, 18 people including professionals, representatives of local government and TCN met at a round table in Košice. They reviewed the draft of the City Integration Agenda, which is being developed by them and other partners under the leadership of ETP Slovakia.

The discussion mainly revolved around the city’s competencies towards its inhabitants, touching also on the question who is actually the city’s inhabitant. Although some of the city’s specific services are intended only for its residents (including TCN with permanent residence), there are many areas where the city provides services to everyone regardless of their reasons for being in the city. Participants agreed that the city of Košice and its representatives should initiate changes and set the vision with regards to the growing number of TCN living in the city.

Roundtable participants gave their final feedback on the proposed Agenda. Within the coming days, the document will be completed and recommended to city representatives for use in planning local policies.