Projects in cooperation with…

…THE NATIONAL PROJECT KOMPRAX (Competences for Practice)

 In 2014, the Project engaged 6 Community Centres, with its activities running during the summer vacation. The young people involved were given the opportunity to participate in planning and organizing various activities, thus gaining practical skills useful for their further lives.

Community Centre June – July 2014
Košice-Šaca Painting T-shirts and souvenirs

Trip to the Recreation Area Alpinka in Košice – hiking, preparation of snacks, etc.

Krompachy Trip to Spišská Nová Ves

Visit to a ZOO

Visit to a 5D Cinema

Exhibition at Spiš Museum

Ostrovany Trip to Košice

Excursion to the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice

Rankovce Creative Workshops

Cleaning of the Village

Visit to a Cinema

Rudňany Trip to Ľubovňa Castle

Trip to Košice

Stará Ľubovňa Painting the Community Centre interior

‟We Are Little Nomads″ – creative and sporting event



 Within this cooperation we organized fundraising for the self-help construction in Rankovce in 2014. We managed to raise 9,243.13 EUR from individual donors, which constituted incredible 92% of the requested sum. 124 individual donors and companies altogether contributed sums ranging from 5 to 1 000 EUR to support our builders. The funds raised, together with a gift from the VÚB Foundation that doubled the amount collected, enabled us to help our clients purchase construction materials and necessary tools for the construction of their family homes.