Parental meeting

„Yeah, how nice it is when my mom leads my hand when I draw! And when she tells me when to take green, red, yellow or any other crayon! No doubt, that then the kite on my picture will be perfect! And it’s great when my mommy smiles at me and claps her hands because just like other pre-school children showed at the parental meeting, I showed what I’ve learned last month! Well, it is true that Lukáš has helped us with all of that. Lukáš meets with us every day and teaches us. It’s fun with him and he loves us. We know colors, we know poems, songs, we play, we talk. I’m looking forward to going to a primary school. Lukáš says that I will learn a lot there. I just have to be diligent. My mom is happy because she cares about what I do and she likes it.“

We saw and heard this in the eyes and from the hearts of a group of pre-school children at a recent parental meeting at the community center in Stará Ľubovňa-Podsadek. The love for knowledge and education has been engraved in the children’s minds since early childhood by a very special pedagogue, our awesome Lukáš Bužo.