Our Colleague Lucia Hrubá Represented ETP in Brussels

The final meeting of the partners in the Art4ROM project and the press conference in Brussels have brought a conclusion to a two-years international cooperation whose common aim was to support intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of Roma children, as well as the effort to improve their life opportunities.


At the same time, the project has drawn attention to the values of the Roma culture.

The Art4ROM project involved the cooperation of the following organizations: the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, ERIO, ETP Slovakia, M.G.R. International, MUS-E Hungary, MUS-E Napoli, The Mosaic Art and Sound, UNION ROMANI. The role of the partners in the Project was to develop didactic tools for the education of Roma and non-Roma children.

To strengthen the children´s ability to learn, to develop their creativity and support inclusiveness at schools, they have created a volume of invaluable educational materials: teaching plans, collection of best practices, source depository for using art in education, conversational dictionary for children in the partners´ native tongues, the Art4ROM methodology guide, etc.

The majority of the materials that were created within the projects are now available on the Art4ROM website in the Resources section. We believe that they will help the pedagogues from many countries.


The partners of the Art4ROM project have shared their knowledge and experience and thus managed to build a network of sustainable relationships. This enriching experience will, in addition, form a basis for the development of new potential projects and activities whose aims will include the support and integration of Roma children and fight against stereotypes.