Official Košice City web site will get a new section designed for foreigners

The new section of the Košice City website ( will focus on foreigners living in Košice. It intends to serve as an online resource centre for newcomers to Košice. The multicultural City of Košice welcomes the thousands of visitors coming to Košice to see the sights, history, taste local cuisine, culture or sport.

However, the statistics show that every year there are more and more foreigners settling down in Košice, who came here to work, study or due to the family or security reasons. They plan to stay in Košice for several years or for a long time.

Either they are foreign workers, entrepreneurs, foreign students, foreigners participating in work-based training or in an exchange programme, whether they moved to Košice for family or security reasons, after obtaining the residency they became part of Košice.

In the new web site they will find information, which will help them find their way around the city. They will learn about the Košice offices and authorities responsible for various legal procedures or organizations promoting the integration of migrants and cohabitation of all people living in Košice. They will also get to know about multicultural history of Košice and how is the life of minorities and migrants nowadays.

The development of the new section of the city web site was initiated by ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development and realized in partnership with the City of Košice. The new section is planned to be finalized till mid of November.