The core objective of this project was to improve the quality of relationships between parents and their children and to motivate the parents to become actively involved in their children´s education. The project set the goal of taking a planned systematic approach to motivate the parents to work with their children, talk to them as much as possible, play with them, help them with homework and read them books. The Project has been implemented in all our Community Centres since June 2014 and it has continued into 2015. It has engaged 68 parents of children attending the Pre-School preparation classes in our Community Centres.

The activities included:

  • A two-day interactive training course for community workers led by professional lecturers, during which the issues of motivating parents towards working with their children were discussed and programs reflecting client needs created
  • Meetings of parents with their children – pre-schoolers in the Community Centres – involving common activities between parents and children
  • Supervision meetings led by the professional lecturers
  • Creation of The Manual on How to Work With Romani Parents dedicated to community and social workers, educators, etc., which includes our successfully applied activities, to serve as an inspiration for those who would like to start a parenting program in their community.