Improvement of housing quality of low-income families in Nalepkovo

The project is based on long-term cooperation among local authorities, active non-profit organizations in Nalepkovo and Civic Association ETP Slovakia – Center for Sustainable Development.

The project Improvement of housing quality of low-income families in Nalepkovo is proposed as a pilot project for period 2005-2007. In this project ETP Slovakia – Center for Sustainable Development works jointly with (HFH) on the adaptation and implementation of HFH’s housing development model in Slovakia with the aim to improve the living conditions of poor families, including Roma, in Nálepkovo.

The project is using the experience gained during the implementation of PROGRAM YOUR SPIS I. and is supported by the project YOUR SPIS II. – Inclusion of NGOS into Social Economy. A methodology applying social mobilization, community social work, focus on the community with specific regard to disadvantaged members, partnership building and strengthening with local authorities, non-profit organizations, schools, community centers and other local partners including business entities will be used during the implementation of the project Improvement of housing quality of low-income families in Nalepkovo. Strong institutional partnership is essential to successful implementation of the project as well as to future sustainability of the pilot project model for future housing improvement projects for low-income families in Slovakia.


Provide 70 low-income families with a micro-loan for housing improvement through cooperation of Nalepkovo Municipality, ETP Slovakia and Habitat for Humanity.


• To establish Housing Revolving Fund to provide interest free loans to co-finance renovations and reconstructions of minimum standard houses.

• Propose low-income families eligible for micro-loans based on recommendations of local authorities and local personal consultant

• Inform and explain the candidates the principles and possibilities of participation in the project

• Selection of the families, provision of micro-loans

• Regular professional trainings and construction supervision for the selected families during the reconstruction and renovation of their homes (in cooperation with local labor office, local construction company and other selected partners)

• Establishing independent organization (e.g. Association) that will bring together individuals and organization as well as provide a follow-up work in Nalepkovo and in other municipalities that may be interested in similar activities.

the offering of this the model to the Slovak Government as a method of implementation the Social Housing Fund for low income families

• the evaluation of the pilot phase and the formulation of recommendations and proposals for the replication and extension phases

Project Partners

Municipality of Nalepkovo

ETP Slovakia – Center of Sustainable Development

Habitat for Humanity


December 2005 – June 2007