Healthcare lecture in Kokava

The clients of Kokava nad Rimavicou participated in social event and discussed their social situation and problems. The discussion was in the form of questions/answers as well as suggesting possible solutions. The clients, within the discussion, suggested assistance in food and medicine shopping (some of the clients are nerveless). The activists of the center made a schedule and visited the clients twice a week in order to assist them in shopping. The clients had many questions on legal matters. Therefore we have planned another meeting and we have invited a lawyer to answer all of the client’s questions.

On June 24th, 2008, we invited clients of Poltar municipality to participate in healthcare lecture. This topic was an open one and clients had many questions that were answered very accurately. Many of the questions concerned prevention from high blood pressure and heart attack. Some of the clients were informed about non-prescription drug overdose. The lecture was also focused on excessive alcohol drinking in older age and its negative outcomes. Clients were enriched as they have heard many of the things for the first time.

Mr. Berky: „As former business man, I didn´t have enough time for regular medical check-ups. I underwent the first one after the healthcare lecture. I had many questions and all of them were answered during the lecture. I have decided to regularly visit my doctor and talk to him about my health.“