ETP Slovakia presented new illustrated map Bon appetit, neighbor

Public presentation of the new illustrated map Bon appetit, neighbor was held on 8th August 2019 in the popular book store ArtForum in Košice. An informal disscusion with the local artists and activists – illustrator Ľudka Žoldáková and film maker Mišo Hudák with the director of ETP Slávka Mačáková covered topics such as the increasing trend of TCN coming to Košice to open a small business or the importance of civic initiatives in the field of TCN integration. The map is one of the innovative ways how to encourage the locals to interact with foreigners, their new neighbors, the owners of various non-typical restaurants and cafés.

The map presents people from Košice, who weren’t born in Košice. They came from other cities and countries, Košice for them is a place of studies, place of work, place of family, Košice is their home. They speak a common language, by food. They bring this language to Košice from their original homes and they are sharing it with new neighbors. In stands, cafés, bistros, pubs, delis, restaurants, pastry shops and other places, they not only create new grammar of eating, but they are making Košice more diverse and more open. Don’t be afraid to learn a new language!

The creation of the map has been initiated by ETP Slovakia within project INTEGRA and designed by Východné pobrežie and is one from the series of maps/layers of the city of Košice.

Click here to view the map.