Music4Rom: Concert in Tapovan Centre

On May 29th, 2014 International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) organized a concert in Tapovan Centre in Normandy, France. The concert was meant to introduce the Music4Rom project and renowned members of the Artistic and Pedagogical Committee participating in the project.

Music4Rom Project connects a diverse group of partners, both Roma and non-Roma, from across Europe. Aim of the project is to point out to what extent Roma music has had influenced classical and other genres of European music, to break negative stereotypes attached to Roma culture, and to promote European diversity.

At the beginning of the concert, the documentary movie Mexico Flamenco chosen by the Union Romani, one of the partners of the Music4Rom project that vividly portrayed a project promoting fusion of elements of Mexican and Spanish music was shown.

The movie was followed by a brief speech by Marianne Poncelet, IYMF director, and Jorge Chamine, another partner of the project, who is also responsible for the conduction of the Master Class in Paris that will take place in autumn of 2014. Marianne and Jorge introduced the idea behind theMusic4Art Project, as well as themembers of the Artistic and Pedagogical Committee who have beenactively involved in the preparation of the Master Class in Paris.

The most heart touching moment of the concert was the live performance of Roma and non-Roma renowned musicians and artists: David Benko (Slovakia), Roberto de Brasov (Romania), Jorge Chamine (France), Carlo Dumont (Italy), Paco Suarez (Spain), and Thierry Van Roy (Belgium) who played together for the first time and delivered an amazing and unforgettable performance.

Photo by: Unión Romani


The Music4Rom project has been funded with the support
from the European Commission.