ETP Housing Program

Based on its long-term experience with housing projects in Roma communities, ETP Slovakia is setting up a micro-loan fund. Loans from this fund will enable families to build their own low-cost brick homes, on land they own. We have long-standing relationships with selected families in Rankovce, Šimonovce and Moldava nad Bodvou. These families are committed to radically improve their living conditions. Such a house will provide running water, a toilet, a bed for each family member and a study desk for children’s homework.

Your donation will support the micro-loan fund from which the first ten families will already be able to build houses this year.  Repayment of the loans during the following years will ensure long term sustainability of the program and will enable many other families to participate in the program.  Thus your donation will help repeatedly – and for years.

Your donation, which will become part of the loan to selected families, will be used to purchase construction material and tools. The future house owners will:

– build the houses themselves,

–  repay their home loans within 8 years.

ETP Slovakia will support their effort by:

– long-term social work with families,  integrating them into educational activities in our community centres

– helping with administrative and formal matters (purchasing the land, legal compliance)

– providing professional construction supervision and training on a construction site

More information on the program

Video footage from pilot project of building four houses in Moldava nad Bodvou, 2011.

The VUB Bank Foundation has chosen our project for support and will match any donation you make.

                                  Thank you.