Our Priorities

A Comprehensive Approach

Why study without any future prospect of finding employment? How to find a job if one lacks proper education? How to succeed at school if a child has no room to study at home? Why build a decent home if a family does not know whether they will live through another day? What is the point of teaching about hygiene if there is no running water in one’s home? How to ensure and sustain better housing without access to reasonable loans? How to acquire working skills and habits if there are very few job opportunities? Having asked these and many other questions throughout the years of our experience, we have arrived at the conclusion that finding a sustainable solution to the problems of marginalized Roma communities (MRCs) is not possible without adopting a comprehensive approach, taking into account the complexity and interconnectedness of several factors determining the chances of our clients to succeed.

To break the cycle of generational poverty and social exclusion of people living in MRCs in Slovakia, our approach addresses the following five interrelated areas, which support sustainable development of any community (click the image to enlarge):

 ETP priority3

We believe that all five areas are equally important; if we want to see irreversible positive changes in society, we need to concentrate on all these priorities simultaneously.

ETP has always considered its field work a priority, at the same time realizing the need to share our expertise with others to multiply the success of our projects. Therefore, advocacy is a significant part of our work aimed at both disseminating our best practices and changing the public perception of the issues of MRCs and refugees. To diminish the stereotypes surrounding them, we focus on creating space for mutual encounters with the majority. Therefore, our slogan “Creating Opportunities, Bridging Differences” perfectly sums up all our efforts.

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