Education and Training

After-school activities for Roma pupils attending the first level of elementary schools (6 – 10 years old), including Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, which has proved to substantially increase cognitive capacities of pupils, raise their internal motivation for learning, reduce the number of drop-outs, and minimalize the truancy.

New Horizons training (consisting of Financial literacy, Health awareness, and Personalized Motivational and Empowerment activities) for young adults

One-to-one mentoring, tutoring and coaching, which helps to build social networks between Roma children attending the higher level of primary or secondary schools (11+ years old) and adults from middle class. Mentoring builds an imaginary bridge between a child living in (extreme) poverty and a middle class mentor. Mentor provides important multi-domain support, which among other things also substantially helps to reduce the stress in a mentee’s life.

Second-chance education for those who have dropped out from elementary or secondary school before its completion