About ETP

ETP Slovakia is a non-profit consulting and training organization that was established as a direct continuer of Environmental Training Project for Central and Eastern Europe. This was initiated in 1992 by U.S. Agency for International Development and was implemented until 1998 in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe. ETP Slovakia has been an independent entity since 1995. Since its establishment, ETP Slovakia has cooperated with the local government and businesses as well as with NGOs in programs that increase the sustainability of local development and improve the environment as well as provide assistance to disadvantaged individuals and families.


To support regional development, protect the environment and assist in the development of the social, economic, educational and cultural potential of people, organisations and communities with an emphasis on problem solving within disadvantaged regions, socially disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities.


  • To strengthen cooperation and encourage a participative approach when addressing sustainable development issues
    To develop the human resources necessary for the implementation of strategic change
    To create space for discussion on environmental, economic and social problems and possible solutions
    To support public involvement in the decision-making process

What social and political needs do we fulfil?

  • The development of disadvantaged regions and areas in Slovakia
  • The strengthening of the social, economic, educational and cultural attainments of individuals and socially disadvantaged groups and addressing ethnic issues
  • Increasing the potential of the public and supporting the capability of local government to solve the problems at the community level.
  • The preparation of institutions, organizations and individuals for the successful integration of Slovakia within the European Union

What are our values and our philosophy?

  • We adhere to the principles of sustainability.
  • We have trust in the possibility of positive changes.
  • We pursue equal opportunities.
  • We believe the approach of small and gradual steps leads to significant changes in the long run.

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