CrossRoads in ETC Humenne

Victoria Jeffs of Dovetail Consulting ( from Colorado, USA recently delivered a 6-day training course, called CrossRoads for 37 Afghan refugees, who are currently staying in the Evacuation Transit Center (ETC) in Humenne pending their resettlement to a third country after six months. It was the fourth time Vicki had trained refugees in the ETC.

The refugees learned new motivational strategies which will improve their life chances and they also learned to understand the reason why living on social benefits in not a long-term solution. They learned about the consequences of the decisions they make in their life and how to take advantage of the opportunities that their new home country will provide. They were encouraged to think about their Purpose and ways of discovering and fulfilling it.

The CrossRoads participants also learned to deal with their dramatic past and focus on their brighter future and fresh beginnings in the safe environment of their new home.

The course CrossRoads is supported by the UNHCR, within the ETC Humenne Project where ETP Slovakia, as a partner of UNHCR, provides social work, interpreting, education for children and adults and basic health care.