City walks presenting foreign influence in the past and living communities of foreigners nowadays

Potulka – organized city walk by famous local guides Milan Kolcun and Zoltán Balassa presented what traces various foreigners left in Košice in the past and how they contribute to the development of the city currently. Some came inconspicuously, some with more fame and many settled in Košice forever.

15 walks were held on 6.-8.12.2019 and more than 450 people came to learn about people who left their home countries and by their business, artwork or thoughts influenced the city and its locals. The walks passed around many places and buildings, which got famous because of its residents. Only few participants knew that 100 years ago Košice had six Turkish cafés and a shop with overseas/colonial goods. First translation of Quran from Latin into Hungarian was made and printed in Košice in 1831. Even nowadays locals can enjoy Japaneese art piece in the city park or a renaissance painting by Italian artist on a house facade in the city centre.

Owners of the Café de Paris, French-Slovak couple invited all to taste sweet meringue-based confection – colourful macarons. All Potulka participants got another special gift: Bon appetit Neighbor!, the illustrated map of restaurants owned by foreigners living in Košice.

Potulka was organized by ETP Slovakia in the partnership with the City Information Centre.