Art in an unusual place: Children revealed the less known face of Košice’s neighbourhood Luník IX

If you thought that there’s nothing that can surprise you about Luník IX, you were wrong. The neighbourhood, known all around Slovakia as being the home to the Roma population, is filled with examples of how things could and should work in the future.

Thanks to the international program Borderline Offensive, over the course of one week, children worked to create a paper puppet theatre together with a Serbian artist Prota.

“If I have to compare this great experience to what I read about Luník IX, it’s a huge difference. In 3 hours I got to know amazing projects and we found our way with children very quickly. In my opinion, relationships are the most important thing. Even if we are talking about social inclusion of different groups of the population. It always goes through building relationships and getting to know each other.” IVANA RAPOŠ BOŽIČ

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