English Access Scholarship Program @Košice

US Embassy Slovakia in partnership with ETP Slovakia is launching the English Access Scholarship program in Košice. The Access program in Slovakia aims to empower marginalized Roma youth by providing educational and career opportunities. Targeting high school students an open call for applicants will be distributed widely, with a focus on personal motivation and references from mentors/teachers. 

Activities will range from participatory projects to peer-to-peer workshops on critical thinking, fostering both civic engagement and cultural exchange. Assessment methods will track language improvement and overall skill development. With a holistic approach, the Access program aims to create lasting impact and empower Roma youth to become leaders in their communities and beyond. The first group of 14-17 students (year 1 and year 2 of high school) will be starting their 2-year journey at the end of September 2024.
We are looking for 2 teachers who will together teach a group of the students of the English Access Scholarship Program in Košice. Our expectations and offer:
  • We expect a minimum of C1 level of English. Min. 2 years of experience as a language teacher/tutor preferably with underserved youth
  • Capacity min. 5 hours (5×60 min) per week including preparation
  • Salary 11 eur/brutto/hour
  • Teachers will take part in the international communities of practice and training