Building Hope – Video

Rudolf (45), his wife, their son Rudo and three small grandchildren have never lived in their own home. They have been homeless or lived in a caravan without drinking water, electricity. Since fall of communism Rudolf has not been able to get a permanent job. Rudolf’s family has to survive on less than 2 euro per person a day, living only off social welfare.

ETP Slovakia’s innovative Building Hope Program, launched in Rankovce in Eastern Slovakia, is the most effective and efficient solution for poor people from segregated Roma communities, who have no decent place to live. Building Hope program engages the most active and motivated Roma in constructing their own houses legally. ETP supports them with professional supervision, assistance with administrative requirements and provides microloans to finance the construction. This unique way assists families from poor settlements to help themselves, builds self-motivation and provides people with meaningful work and new skills. Before Christmas 2013 Rudolf’s family living standard will be substantially improved, and his experience will bring hope also for families from other Roma communities.

You can support construction of houses in Rankovce and other Roma communities by contribution to a micro-loan fund. The VUB Bank Foundation will double any donation you make. More information may be found at: