Project Building Hope!

ETP’s Project Building Hope is a finalist in the ReStart Slovakia 2013 Program.

If successful, ETP will receive the € 5,000 grant to create an interactive website which will raise awareness about those who will benefit from Project Building Hope, their day-to-day struggles, their progress in saving for their new home, their achievements on the construction site and their role in the community. We also believe that such a website will encourage people to donate towards the expansion of the Project.

With your support Project Building Hope will be a success, it will grow and help more and more families who currently live in appalling conditions, but are sufficiently self motivated to save and work hard to improve their living conditions and make a contribution to their community.

Please support this initiative and help people from Roma settlements live in dignity.

You can do this by voting for Project Building Hope by clicking on the following link and vote for the project (at top left):

Thank you for giving hope to Roma families.