Workshop Bridges Out of Poverty continues

Every community in which ETP Slovakia operates is different and has its own particular needs and ways of doing things. Social field workers, teachers, employees of the Bureau of Labor and other people who are involved in various ways of integrating and improving living conditions of socially disadvantaged communities know the specifics of their various communities the best.

People who work with clients every day recently participated in the workshop Bridges Out of Poverty. The workshop is being gradually implemented in 10 towns and villages in Eastern Slovakia. The aim of the workshop is to acquaint the participants with the basic features of self-generating multigenerational povert which are common to many different communities.

In February,  the workshop was held in Spišské Podhradie and Sabinov. At both of those meetings seminars the major causes of poverty, unwritten rules of three social classes and the unrecognized prejudices that often hinder us in our efforts to help were discussed. Bridges Out of Poverty offered the participants a lot of new knowledge and methods which will help them understand their clients better and thereby make their work more effective.

During the workshop we talked with and had presentations by successful Roma, including Nano Nagle Marcela Bendíková, an assistant preschool teacher, and Ladislav Duda, a social field worker in Sabinov. They both decided to get an edicuation and achieve in their lives things others only dream about. On a recording which was made with them, they describe what was their path to success and what was their motivation to finish their studies and get a job.

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