„The sun is shining for all the Roma in the world “

Lenka Kováčová, led out by suggesting that children participate in a program named „Creative Hands“ in community center in Košice – Šaca. The result of children′s work can be seen in the picture on the left

Creative Hands of talented children from community center in Šaca

The activity,  „Creative Hands,“ began in early February as a part of the project,  ART4Rom (Art for Roma). Lenka Kováčová works with children twice a week, creating a lot of art works, which are full of new ideas. All the artwork and paintings are related to the history, traditions and family life of the Roma. Artwork also compliments traditional Roma music and dance, too.

At the beginning of the activity, Lenka read the children a story about the Roma homeland, from which they learned a lot of information about the origin and traditions of Roma.

The first picture by the children depicted the traditional clothing of Roma women, showed the typical nomadic life and work of the Roma, sometimes showing children sitting by the fire or traditional Roma family. The leader ot the activity, Lenka, is trying to teach the children about both about their own traditions and how to illustrate them through new forms of art, using new techniques and media. „Creative Hands“ isn′t just drawing and painting. Children are taught how to use a wide variety of creative materials, for example crepe paper or pieces of fabrics..

The children′s artwork will be displayed after completion of the project in a joint exhibition which will be open to the public. All of the children are looking forward to exhibition, because they want to show everyone how well they have learned to translate their feelings and thoughts into images.

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