Feuerstein Method: not only the content, but the process

During the week of March of 17th to 21st Mrs. Nechama Czaban, lecturer from Feuerstein Institute in Israel, visited us for a second time to provide supervision for the project „Let′s learn how to learn“, which has running since September 2013.

During the week, Mrs. Nechama visited several community centers and schools, where children are educated by teachers using the method of Feuerstein′s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE). On Monday, we jointly participated in the teaching of FIE in Košice – Sača; on Tuesday, we went to the community center in Rudňany and Spišské Podhradie. Wednesday was dedicated to education in Veľká Ida: in the morning, we visited with Mrs. Nechama at the community center and in the afternoon, we worked with a coordinated team of teachers and children from Feuerstein’s club at the Elementary School in Veľká Ida. On Thursday, we provided supervision to community center in Sabinov and Stará Ľubovňa and on Friday the children from the community center in Rankovce demonstrated their newly-gained knowledge and cleverness.

In the words of the lecturer from the Feuerstein Institute, Mrs. Nechama Tzaban, „The method of FIE is based more on the strategy [of teaching], the learning process, rather than the actual content.“ As she says, the process of acquiring knowledge and the development of the cognitive potential of preschoolers could be compared to how adults learn to drive. In the beginning, we think of each movement and task that we need to do, such as check the mirrors, start the engine, put the car into gear or turn on the lights.

Later become these movements become automatic for us, and so we no longer have to  think about them, but we do them naturally.

The aim of learning through Feuestein Instrumental Enrichment is to make the concepts of numbers, geometric shapes and placing of things in space natural and normal for children to know and experience,  and to teach the children how to use these skills not only in school but also in everyday life.

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