Workshop – Culture and history of Roma

The workshop is organized for 6 selected young people from each of the 12 participating communities. ETP Slovakia has been providing this workshop since February 2010 in order to provide young Roma of marginalized community with information on their origin, history, traditions and culture as well as to teach them to write newspaper articles or internet blogs. Young people learn to observe and capture their everyday life in community, school, work, activities with friends and family through photographs.

The participants of the workshop learn the basics of photography, principles and methods of creating pictures that are technically and compositionally well mastered. The task of the future young reporters is to observe everyday life in Roma community, take pictures and describe it in a short article. The goal of the workshop is to depict the real life in Roma community and life stories as perceived through eyes of the young Roma.

The workshop is divided into 6 days of lecturing (4 days of photography technique and 2 days of theoretical lectures on culture and history of Roma and journalism

Young people will be able to write stories and reminiscences of older people of community for the future generations related to the following topics:

  • Holocaust
  • Life during Communism
  • Family life
  • Special events they experienced

These talented young people will be able to display their photographs in various expositions not only in Community Centers but also in other towns including the capital. This way they will inform the majority population about interests, opinions and daily life of Roma.