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  • splnme_si_svoj_sen_obr

    Let´s Fulfil Our Dream

    The results of the Savings Program demonstrate that also the clients and families who are long-term recipients of benefits in material need or have a very low income are able to achieve their savings goal, providing that they are motivated in the right way and supported by local community workers they trust.Read more

  • DAT 1

    American Actors Visiting Slovakia´s Settlements – Connected By Uniqueness

    This year marks the fifth time the American actors of the Dramatic Adventure Theatre (DAT) from New York accepted the invitation of ETP Slovakia (ETP) to visit Roma settlements and support the personality development of children, young people and adults from marginalized Roma communities through a series of interactive artistic workshops.Read more

  • Koferencia-PO_11.2.2015-115-200x150

    The baton was passed – After the Conference: Developing Communities and Community on Its Way to Prosperity

    We will keep returning to the conference on the community work in marginalized Roma localities that was organized by non-profit organizations People in Need Slovakia and ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development yesterday (11.2.2015) in Prešov. It has proven that the issue is very broad and can be viewed from many different angles, each of them deserving our attention.

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  • Koferencia-PO_11.2.2015-023


    Field Trip to the Community Centres The journey to Spišské Podhradie and Stará Ľubovňa was not taken by many, but for those who took it, it was definitely worthwhile. As the saying goes: It´s better to see once than to read or hear about a hundred times.

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