Nine lives! Youth in Action

The Nine lives! Youth in Action project follows on from the long term activities led by ETP Slovakia in Košice – Luník IX. It especially follows the Nine lives! project, realized in 2018 during which art statues were createdand installed in Luník IX.

These statues where made by children from Luník IX under the supervision of ETP staff and of Oto Hudec.The project activities are part of the Strategy of Urban Neighbourhood Development for Luník IX, a between ETP Slovakia, the City of Košice and the City Ward of Luník IX.

The project is focused on supporting youth and young adults (aged 14-25) in achieving better education, acquiring the necessary skills to be successful in the labor market and in their lives generally. It also supports the artistic and creative activities of young people from Luník IX and gives them the possibility to experience different fields while sharing positive experiences.

The group of young people (most of them had attended ETP’s project of completing elementary education) gained through attending these activities to improve living conditions and the overall atmosphere of the whole community. The young people attend regular meetings, learn new things through innovative workshops, plan and organize activities such as journalist club or a community coffee house.

They attend different events like a Palikerav Concert or Project Caravan. We prepared some larger events for the public, not only from Luník IX, and we plan to open a local library. We also plan to publish local newspapers (4 times per year), where articles will be written by children and young people from the local community (supervised by professionals).

The project Nine lives! Youth in Action also has its own Instagram account:

Through these activities young people from Lunik IX improve their reading literacy, their ability to speak about their ideas, critical thinking and all the other competencies necessary for labor market and for real life. Young adults participating in the project are also being responsible for planning and realization of their own smaller projects.

The project creates space for people from disadvantaged localities to learn responsibility, planning, teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving and other competencies.

Duration of the project:

July 1st, 2018 – December 31st, 2020.

This project is financially supported by the Active Citizens Fund (ACF), which is part of financial aid of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway to the 15 states of the European Union. ACF in Slovakia is administrated by the Ekopolis Foundation, in partnership with the Open Society Foundation and the Carpathian Foundation.