Košice – Luník IX

Luník IX is housing estate in border part of Košice, its Roma inhabitans live in segregated settlement. Many people live in social-disadvantaged background. There are about 2 200 children and 1 300 adults living in this estate. ETP Slovakia is operating in community center run by Mesto Košice. Right now there is a first phase of self-help construction of houses and first ETP training house.

Contact information

Leader of CC: Bc. Petra Kurutzová

FIE lecturer: Mgr.art. Alžbeta Mohyláková

Social educator: Jakub Andor

Assistents: Roman Šana, Nikola Horváthová

Email: kurutzova@ke.etp.sk

Phone number: +421 917 179 638

Address: Krčméryho 2, 040 11 Košice

Google maps

Community center run by City of Košice