We are able to integrate Roma and help refugees.

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Please, support out activities by making a donation at crowdfunding portals ĽudiaĽuďom.sk or Dobrá krajina.

ETP Slovakia
Sberbank Slovensko, a.s.
SK24 3100 0000 0043 5017 9117

Thank you!



  • Jackie Jaramillo Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Colorado Springs, Colorado AreaProgram Development

    You and your staff at ETP Slovakia have done marvelous work over the years. I admire your commitment, courage and compassion. Future generations of Roma will have a better quality of life because of your work. Congratulations!
  • Noelle Dominique Rodriguez Dramatic Adventure Theatre

    They are incredibly amazing!! They do so much good for the kids especially. With more funding I think they can rise to new heights!!! 29. july 2015
  • Janice Amaya Actress

    We are missing Stara Lubovna today and every day - we can never forget all our beautiful friends :) Say hello to the kids from all of us at Dramatic Adventure Theatre!!!


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