We are able to integrate Roma and help refugees.

IDA Savings Program

  • Let´s Fulfil Our Dream

    The results of the Savings Program demonstrate that also the clients and families who are long-term recipients of benefits in material need or have a very low income are able to achieve their savings goal, providing that they are motivated in the right way and supported by local community workers they trust.Read more

  • IDA Savings Program

    IDA Savings Program, prepared by Civic Association ETP Slovakia, is focused on marginalized population with inappropriate living and housing conditions. Read more

  • Project Summary

    The Open Society Institute has entered into a partnership with ETP Slovakia in late 2006, to implement a three-year Individual Development Account program targeting communities in Eastern Slovakia which have a high concentration of low-income Roma.Read more

  • Financial Education course

    Sociological studies show that people living under the poverty threshold are not capable of saving and planning their financial resources. Therefore, it is essential to work with them and teach them to effectively use the resources they have.Read more


  • Jackie Jaramillo Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Colorado Springs, Colorado AreaProgram Development

    You and your staff at ETP Slovakia have done marvelous work over the years. I admire your commitment, courage and compassion. Future generations of Roma will have a better quality of life because of your work. Congratulations!
  • Noelle Dominique Rodriguez Dramatic Adventure Theatre

    They are incredibly amazing!! They do so much good for the kids especially. With more funding I think they can rise to new heights!!! 29. july 2015
  • Janice Amaya Actress

    We are missing Stara Lubovna today and every day - we can never forget all our beautiful friends :) Say hello to the kids from all of us at Dramatic Adventure Theatre!!!