Completed Projects

Since the beginning of ETP, our projects have helped hundreds of clients start a new life, fulfil their dreams and overcome difficult challenges. Our successfully completed projects are a proof that our work is meaningful and that the small steps taken lead to significant changes.

Latest articles

  • Project Summary RFEP

    The concept was to raise the level of awareness of three age groups (children, teenagers, adults, both men and women) on financial matters, financial literacy and family budgeting within Roma communities by developing and testing novel computer-based training materials to be delivered by ETP Slovakia trained Personal Advisors within its community centres.Read more

  • Financial Education course

    Sociological studies show that people living under the poverty threshold are not capable of saving and planning their financial resources. Therefore, it is essential to work with them and teach them to effectively use the resources they have.Read more

  • ETP Slovensko

    Generally about Roma Humanitarian Assistance Project (RHAP)

    Building on previous humanitarian project, implemented in cooperation with IOM, humanitarian assistance was provided for elderly Roma in need, who are living in Slovakia as well as in other countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in 2007 and 2008. Read more