Maintaining good health, a healthy environment and healthy relationships is essential for a person to succeed in all other spheres of life. Without good health it is difficult to attain education, find employment or obtain decent housing.

Already during the Pre-School preparation classes, we encourage small children towards cleanliness, basic hygiene habits and a healthy lifestyle. The Community Centre is often the first place where children see a water tap or a flush toilet. Here they learn about the importance of washing their hands, bodies and clothes.

Older children attend a year-long Health Awareness training course, aimed at teaching the participants to take responsibly for their action and avoid harmful situations and temptations. Health Awareness lectures include topics such as mental changes occurring in adolescence, male and female bodies, planned parenthood, birth control, risks of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Significant attention is paid to the topic of addiction, its consequences and prevention.

With the children´s parents we regularly discuss such topics as hygiene, nutrition, the need for vaccination, dental care and preventive medical check-ups.

We focus on helping our clients maintain a healthy family environment characterized by mutual love, respect and responsibility.

At the same time, we realize that all our education efforts in the area of health awareness would be useless if, at the same time, we did not address the problems of the unhealthy environment of segregated settlements. There would be no point in teaching children at the Community Centre how to wash their hands if they were to live in a shack without running water for the rest of their lives. Therefore, our housing program gives our clients hope and chance to improve their living conditions and create a better environment for their families, communities and the whole society.

In addition, our Community Centre workers work closely with the Health Assistants employed within the MRCs. In localities where there are no Health Assistants, our Community Centre Leaders have been trained to take over their role, performing all their tasks related to health prevention and intervention.

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